4 Tips to Satisfy Your Digital Workforce and create a positive Employee Experience (EX)

By Natanya Rutstein

In last weeks post, Re-inventing HR in the Era of Employee Experience, I touched on the need for HR professionals to upgrade their technological knowledge and skills and to collaborate more closely with IT in the design of employee experience.

Digital innovation is fundamentally changing both the way we work and the tools we use. IT and HR departments have a critical role to play in working together to build a powerful employee experience. There are numerous factors and influences in the technology environment which can impact the employee experience (EX). Let’s consider some of the major technological influences on EX.

1 – Give them what they are used to

Today’s employees interact with some of the latest technologies and collaboration tools on a daily basis in their personal lives, and consequently expect the same level of technology and consumer-like experience at work. Seventy-one percent of employees say they want their companies to provide them with the same level of technology as they use in their personal lives, according to Salesforce’s 2017 State of IT report.

2 -Make it Personal

The digital workforce is accustomed to a personalised experience in almost every aspect of their personal lives, whether it be book recommendations from Amazon, movies by Netflix, or DSTV catch-up with a list of your favourite shows. In order to engage today’s employee’s HR must use technology which will allows for the creation of some level of personalisation, tailoring the content to the needs of the employee at relevant touchpoints from onboarding to learning and development etc.

3 –Provide Anywhere, Anytime Access

Due to advances in technology and the ensuing blurring of the traditional boundaries between our work and private lives, the concept of work/life balance has been recast as work/life integration. Employees are looking for the flexibility to be able to do their work at a time and place of their choice, whether it be on their laptop, mobile phone or any other device. They want to be able to access company information, learning and development tools and self-service options from their devices. Providing this technology on the tools and devices used by employees will no doubt increase their efficiency, flexibility and career development opportunities and ultimately enhance the EX.

4 – Make it Self-Service

In our daily lives, so much around us is now offered as a self-service. We book our own accommodation, flights and so much more on-line. Even if you’re having a problem with your DSTV decoder, there is no longer the need to call MultiChoice, which can sometimes be a long process. All you have to do is go on-line, enter the code for the error message you are receiving and fix it yourself. Today’s employees expect HR systems to provide the same level of self-service. They want to be able to do things in the simplest and quickest way without having to embark on time-consuming company processes.

The technology landscape undoubtedly has a huge impact on how your employees experience their jobs and now more than ever it is vital for HR professionals to begin collaborating with their IT counterparts and work towards breaking down any existing functional silos.

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