Using gamification principles in collaborating with staff to refine the EVP (Employment Value Proposition)

This Case Study provides a brief overview of where The Talent Hub International assisted a client in the development of its EVP. ContextAs part of the internal EVP communication process the organisation needed to get input from all employees. MotivationThe organisation identified its EVP Drivers in 2015 a to support talent acquisition and employee engagement.[…]

Learning Paths Case Study: Agricultural Company

The company, delivering services for the agricultural industry, embarked on a project to design career paths for the company. The company wanted to define common avenues for moving within and across jobs to increase opportunities for internal movement in multiple directions. The main aim of the Career Path Project at the company was to lay[…]

Can Your Organisation survive without a Voice-of-the-Employee Programme?

By Natanya Rutstein   The adoption of Voice-of-Employee (VoE) programmes are rapidly gaining momentum in organisations across the globe and are being recognised by executives as an essential component of an organisations engagement and Human Capital Management strategy. Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) programmes have long been employed as a strategic tool for organisations to listen to what[…]