Using gamification principles in collaborating with staff to refine the EVP (Employment Value Proposition)

This Case Study provides a brief overview of where The Talent Hub International assisted a client in the development of its EVP. ContextAs part of the internal EVP communication process the organisation needed to get input from all employees. MotivationThe organisation identified its EVP Drivers in 2015 a to support talent acquisition and employee engagement.[…]

Learning Paths Case Study: Agricultural Company

The company, delivering services for the agricultural industry, embarked on a project to design career paths for the company. The company wanted to define common avenues for moving within and across jobs to increase opportunities for internal movement in multiple directions. The main aim of the Career Path Project at the company was to lay[…]

Coaching Skills for Managers – 3 Essentials

By Natanya Rutstein Coaching is an essential leadership skill which demands that managers work in collaboration with their employees to explore and facilitate long-term growth and performance improvement. Getting it right is no simple task and requires much practice as well as developing a certain level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence on the part of[…]

Why it’s Time to Adopt a Coaching Style to Managing Employee Performance

By Natanya Rutstein The latest trends in performance management have seen a move in the direction of continuous feedback and coaching, replacing the more formal bi-annual performance review meetings. Whereas traditional performance management focuses on past performance and is often negative, frequent and in the moment one-to-one coaching conversations have shifted the focus to the[…]

Surviving and Thriving With Succession Planning

By Natanya Rutstein All too often a robust succession planning strategy is something which is sorely lacking in organisations across the globe. A 2020 Gartner research report reveals that only 50% of the approximately 2,800 leaders surveyed believed they are well-equipped with the right leadership bench strength and stability to lead their organization in the[…]


By Natanya Rutstein The onboarding of new employees is a journey which begins from the time the job offer is accepted and continues well into the first three months of employment. Despite a common misconception that it is HR’s responsibility to welcome, inform and guide these new hires, the role of the line manager and[…]

A, B & C Players in the time of COVID-19

By Susan London I was wondering with the world economies slowly opening up again and the impact of COVID-19 cutting into their revenues, how many businesses are reconsidering their available talent?  I have a suspicion that many businesses are too busy in survival mode to think about their current talent.  Let us take a step[…]

Stay Connected to Remote Employees

By Natanya Rutstein The newly accelerated Work from Home (WFH) business environment, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, is a timely opportunity for managers to bolster connection with employees as well as hone their feedback and coaching skills. According to Gallup research “frequent conversations yield the biggest improvements in engagement. And remote workers are three times[…]