Building a Flexible Workplace Culture

By Natanya Rutstein Flexibility in the workplace is an essential ingredient for an environment where employee work-life balance can flourish. It is also utilised as a key differentiator by organisations in their quest to entice and retain top talent. A 2018 Deloitte survey found that millennials are more likely to remain in their jobs for[…]

Top 5 Gamification Trends for Training in 2019

By Natanya Rutstein If your organisation has been slow to incorporate gamification into its learning and development strategy, then you’re not alone. Far too many Learning & Development professionals dismiss the idea of gamifying e-learning as the frivolous creation of “video games”, which they view as better suited for personal use on your Xbox or[…]

Working to Your Natural Rhythm in 2019

By Natanya Rutstein Workplace flexibility has long been a hot topic as a means of attracting and retaining top talent, particularly amongst millennial and generation Z employees. It is also routinely utilised to infuse organisational commitment into employee work-life balance. Companies across the globe have begun offering a wide variety of flexible workplace options based[…]

HR trends for 2019

I must admit that I did not have my usual enthusiasm for reading the predictions for HR in 2019. It may be because it is too close to 2020 or it may be because I did not see many organisations implementing the trends predicted for 2018.  I have however put my reluctance aside and read[…]

Build Your Brand Through Great Employee Experiences

By Natanya Rutstein The hype created around working for great companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Airbnb is by no means accidental. These companies have dedicated unremitting energy and resources into building a captivating and desirable employer brand, and there’s no denying it – they’ve done a first-class job of getting it right! A great[…]

Create an Awesome Culture and Improve Employee Experience

By Natanya Rutstein Culture, technology & the physical workplace are the three factors that comprise the employee experience. Of the three, culture is by far the most intangible and pervasive, and is deeply nested in the way an organisation does things, the behaviours that it accepts or discourages. Culture is more of a feeling that[…]

Trevor Noah – A Truly Authentic South African Leader

By Natanya Rutstein In 2015, Trevor Noah took over from Jon Stewart as the presenter of the Daily Show, a late-night US satirical talk show, and against all odds he has, according to a Time Magazine’s Instagram post, “more than doubled the show’s international reach and has now become the master of the eloquent Trump-takedown.”[…]