Tips and Techniques to Help Your Employees with Change

By Natanya Rutstein   Research has shown that one of the most common reasons for the failure of any project is the inability to successfully manage the people dimension of change. “In a study of 248 companies, effective change management with employees was listed as one of the top-three overall success factors for the project.”  HR[…]


By Natanya Rutstein   The integration of change management tools and processes is a key success factor in the design and implementation of your talent management initiatives. Whether it’s a new performance management system, the launch of your revised Employee Value Proposition (EVP), a succession pool programme or employee experience initiatives, a change management strategy[…]


By Natanya Rutstein   After a thorough review of the latest thinking on HR industry trends and predictions for 2020 I have put together a brief overview of the topics covered by industry leaders on what to expect in 2020. Most of the topics are already familiar to you and have been covered in our[…]

Create a Winning Culture with Kindness

By Natanya Rutstein   With 2020 around the corner, many of us in the HR profession are taking stock of what we have achieved over the past year and what we can do differently in the coming year so as to contribute to the financial success of our organisation as well as the motivation and[…]

Get Cracking On Your Talent Management Strategy

By Natanya Rutstein     The 4th industrial revolution coupled with the impact of the world’s aging population will have significant repercussions on the future composition of our workforce. Current talent shortages are set to increase even further with automation causing unparalleled disruption to entire industries across the globe. New skills will be required and[…]

The Importance of Recognising AND Appreciating Your Employees

By Natanya Rutstein   Image by Shutterstock Many studies have shown the link between recognising employees for a job well done and its positive impact on performance, including team performance, engagement as well as employee retention. However I recently came across an article in the Harvard Business Review – “Why Employees Need Both Recognition and[…]

Employee Check-Ins- How to Get Them Right

By Natanya Rutstein   Image by Many leading organisations are making improvements to their annual performance management cycle by supplementing it with ongoing feedback and coaching in the form of employee check-ins. Regular check-ins help employees and their managers to stay on the same page and engaged in a continuous conversation focused on near[…]

How to Invigorate Your Performance Management Process

By Natanya Rutstein A 2019 Gartner Performance Management Benchmarking Survey revealed that a vast majority of HR leaders (84%) are working to fix their performance management systems. This leaves little doubt that traditional performance management, as we know it, is failing to deliver what most organisations expect from it– performance improvement! If, as discussed in[…]

The Formal Performance Review is here to stay

By Natanya Rutstein The “supposed” demise of the annual or bi-annual performance review began to gain momentum in 2012 with Adobe discarding their formal rating system and replacing it with a process of continuous feedback and improvement they called ”Check-ins”. By 2015 Deloitte, GE and Accenture had followed suit, each replacing their formal review and[…]

Three Tips to Implement Continuous Performance Management

If your organisation is setting performance goals at the beginning of each year, mothballing them and then reviewing them either annually or bi-annually – it’s time to consider switching to continuous performance management. The results of the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2018 Report revealed that 76% of companies have adopted a more inclusive and[…]