Build Your Brand Through Great Employee Experiences

By Natanya Rutstein

The hype created around working for great companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Airbnb is by no means accidental. These companies have dedicated unremitting energy and resources into building a captivating and desirable employer brand, and there’s no denying it – they’ve done a first-class job of getting it right!

A great employer brand is crucial to entice top talent to your organisation and to keeping them there by providing satisfying and personalised employee experiences and making good on all your promises. The Employer Brand embodies the employee’s perception of all their experiences together with the public perception of the organisation.

Organizations with best- in-class employer brands know exactly who they are, what they stand for, and what they want to accomplish in the future. They are also adept at communicating this message to their employees and consistently making good on their commitments. According to the Top Employers Institute, the best companies to work for in South Africa in 2018 are those listed below:

The Top Employers Institute looks for organisations with a forward-thinking Human Resources environment that is that is committed to best-in class employee conditions. In compiling the list companies are evaluated across nine key areas: talent strategy, workforce planning, on-boarding, learning & development, performance management, leadership development, career & succession management, compensation & benefits, and culture.

Old Mutual, who topped the 2018 list,  believes that great customer experience begins with a positive employee experience, and that a positive employee experience begins with giving consideration to the way they engage with the business and with their employees. They believe that transforming their customer’s experience begins with changing their culture.

In an interview with the Mail and Guardian, Anisha Archary, the Human Resources Director at Old Mutual Emerging Markets, describes how the company achieved this status through a well-orchestrated plan making effective use of HR analytics; active employee participation; digital enablement and  building an HR capability that is a catalyst for change in the business.

According to Archary “It is essential that we engage our employees on what matters most to them. We deep dive specific employee groupings and develop differentiated offerings based on their feedback. For example, with our millennial employees, we recognized that they value ‘experience hopping’ rather than ‘job hopping’, choice of benefits, access to inspirational leadership and working for an organisation that makes a difference. Purposeful Fridays was introduced to encourage everyone to contribute to a theme for the month, such as support for Read to Rise and Food Forward SA.”

The strong connection between Employee Experience and Employer Brand reinforces the current trend towards developing a strong mix of marketing and customer experience (CX) talent within the HR function. In communicating employer brand and employee value proposition to a finely targeted audience of both current and prospective employees, HR departments should include design thinking, journey mapping, segmentation, gamification, and leverage the latest technology tools to get ahead of competitors and attract and retain the best talent.

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