Create a Winning Culture with Kindness

By Natanya Rutstein


With 2020 around the corner, many of us in the HR profession are taking stock of what we have achieved over the past year and what we can do differently in the coming year so as to contribute to the financial success of our organisation as well as the motivation and development of our workforce.

I came across an article in Harvard Business Review titled “What the “Best Companies to Work For” Do Differently”. The author Michael O’Malley, is the co-author of the recently published bookOrganizations for People: Caring Cultures, Basic Needs, and Better Lives. The book is based on their collective research of 21 of the best companies to work for in the United States and puts forward common themes identified in the practices of these companies which contribute toward their winning culture and financial success. According to the authors, these companies have all adopted a people-centric approach placing their employees at the centre of the organisation and nurturing a culture of kindness and respect. The leaders of these organisations are committed to improving the lives of their employees both at work and in their private lives. The themes identified are:

  • Putting people first,
  • Helping employees to find and pursue their passions,
  • Bringing people together on a personal level, and
  • Creating a space where people can be their authentic selves.

The book has so many fascinating examples of how these successful organisations have managed to achieve great success whilst simultaneously showing respect and kindness for the people they lead. And if you are looking for further inspiration on how to inject some caring into your organisational culture in 2020, take a look at some of the practices of companies on the PEOPLE’s 2019  50 Companies That Care List.

With the focus of the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report on learning to lead the social enterprise and putting employee’s at the centre of the organisation, make sure that you go into 2020 armed with new insight and creative ideas on how to transform your organisation’s culture and motivate and engage the workforce by putting your people first.


Natanya Rutstein
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