Medico-Legal Services

The Talent Hub International provides medico-legal assessments to clients involved in court cases or personal injury claims where an opinion on the person’s employment prospects and earnings potential is needed in the settling of the case.

Our assessment services are available for individuals, insurers, and law firms working with clients in the following areas:

  • Divorce cases
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Work-related injury
  • Any other situations warranting an assessment of the person’s employment prospects and earnings potential

We have a team of experienced interviewers, Psychometrists and Industrial Psychologists who work together in providing a comprehensive report on the person’s employment prospects and earnings potential.

Our process entails the following:

  • Interviewing the affected person using a detailed structured questionnaire to gather information on the person’s family and social history, educational history, work history, the accident and injuries, complaints and other pertinent information
  • Administering psychometric tests relevant to the case
  • Following up on employment information by for example phoning previous employers
  • Reviewing and integrating the reports from other medical experts such as Occupational Therapists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurologists, etc. to summarise their views of the impact of the accident or incident on the person’s work capacity
  • Gathering data on the labour market relevant to the case, e.g. salary information
  • Formulating a detailed report with all this information to provide an assessment of the person’s past- and future employment prospects and earnings potential and where necessary, determine past and future loss of earnings
  • We also prepare Joint Minutes and Addendums to reports as instructed by the attorneys as part of the follow-up process. Where necessary we also act as expert witnesses in court.