“Moments that Matter” for your Contingent Employees

Jacob Morgan in his book The Employee Experience Advantagetalks about moments that matter” within the employee lifecycle. These are the significant and often distinctive moments during the employee journey which are critical in shaping the employee’s experience within your organisation.

To attract and engage the best and most talented contingent employees, your organisation needs to create these moments that matter”. Too often, contingent workers are set apart from their permanent co-workers and receive inadequate consideration and attention. They are whisked through some semblance of an onboarding process and little effort is made to engage, motivate and integrate them into the team and organisation. Yes, it can be argued that they have chosen this career path due to their pursuit of independence, flexibility and work/life balance. However, despite their career choice, they too yearn for a sense of connection, to find purpose in their work and to be a part of something which is meaningful to them. Open and honest communication is also essential to sustaining functional relationships with your contingent workforce.

Creating these moments that matter for all of your employees can set your organisation apart and give it a much sought after competitive advantage when attracting talent.

Here are some tips on how to attract contingent workers and convert them into loyal brand ambassadors:

  WELCOME THEM Prepare for their arrival and ensure a smooth landing on their first day.Introduce them to their team members.Provide them with the tools and introductory training required to become productive.Assign them a buddy who can provide support and guidance.Make sure their line manager touches base with them regularly in the first couple of weeks and maintains communication throughout their contract.
ALIGN EXPECTATIONS Agree upfront on clearly defined objectives, deliverables and project timelines to prevent future misunderstandings.Have regular check-ins to monitor progress, facilitate two-way feedback and allow for necessary course adjustments.
CONNECT WITH THEM Integrate them into the team and encourage collaboration.Take the time to build rapport and discover their skills and expertise. Contingent workers often have a wealth of experience and have accumulated best practice knowledge across multiple industries. Make use of this!Welcome their suggestions and show them you value their input.Include them in company events and social gatherings.
COMMUNICATE Always keep them in the loop and facilitate open pathways for communication.Include them in e-mails and provide access to social communication and chat platforms, Be upfront and realistic about the possibility of future full-time employment.
GIVE THEM PURPOSE Share the company vision, mission and values. Show them where they fit in and how their role contributes towards the achievement of organisational objectives.
RECOGNISE THEM   Although it is not your responsibility to formally review their performance, this should not stop you from motivating them with real-time performance feedback, recognition and appropriate incentives for outstanding performance.
ADVANCE THEIR CAREERS   Research has shown that today’s workforce places great value on career advancement opportunities as well as challenging work assignments. By offering your contingent workers the chance to work on exciting projects and improve their professional skills, you’re showing them that you value their career. Including them in your succession planning initiatives can also broaden your access to a pool of skilled talent.

By Natanya Rutstein

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