Saving time with Nano-Coaching

With 1/4 of the year already gone, most of us realise how quickly time passes and how little time we have left to achieve our work goals. Just imagine how our managers must feel as we expect them to also do coaching and mentoring on top of everything else. Nano-Coaching may just be the answer. Let’s review what it is and how it works.

Elliott Masie, a workplace-learning expert, coined the phrase “Nano-Coaching” and defined it as “very short burst support”. SABA cites Masie as saying that coaching can be done in just two to three minutes a day using email, instant messaging or short phone calls ( Technology supported Nano-Coaching makes it easy for managers to give timely feedback that support their direct reports’ performance (

Nano-Coaching is characterised by:

  • Very short interactions (that may not be face-to-face and in real time)
  • Frequent feedback
  • Targeted – focused on job tasks
  • Demonstrated performance by coachee  so that coach can view work product
  • Easy tracking and recording of progress with use of technology
  • Quick achievement of coaching goals

Cognitive Advisors depicts the Nano-Coaching process using mobile technology as follows:



With Nano-Coaching we may be able to help our managers to feel less stressed.  Some line managers said that they enjoy this process so much that they want to do more coaching. Now that can only make the rest of the year so much easier – no matter how fast time flies! 

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