Talent Management Services

The Talent Hub International provides the following Talent Management Services to organisations in line with The Talent Hub’s Integrated Talent Management Framework© and Talent Management Process©. Within these frameworks The Talent Hub International focuses on the following type of solutions for its clients:

  • Talent Strategy and Framework
  • Employment Assessments
  • Organisation and Job design
  • On-boarding
  • Learning and Development
  • Performance Management
  • Succession and Career Management

The Talent Hub International works closely with its clients to design the best solutions for them aligned to the organisation’s strategy, culture, objectives and within their budget and timeframe. We believe in working as a partner with our clients and as an extension of their workforce, helping the client to be able to build a sustainable solution.

1. Talent Strategy and Frameworks

The Talent Hub International’s process to help organisations with talent management has the following phases:

  • Phase 1 : Conceptualisation and buy-in
  • Phase 2  : Laying the Foundation
  • Phase 3 : Implement Talent Management Strategy and Process
  • Phase 4 : Monitoring and Evaluation

1.1 Phase 1: Conceptualisation and buy-in

Some of the actions involved in this phase are:

  • Gather information on the organisation’s current and future strategy
  • Analyse strategic objectives to identify the talent implications of the objectives
  • Do a draft Talent Management Framework and process for the organisation
  • Identify the mission critical or pivotal roles that will assist in achieving the current and future strategy
  • Do a preliminary analysis of The Talent Health in the organisation
  • Prepare the business case/position paper for the Talent Management
  • Visit key stakeholders first on an individual basis and discuss the business case for the Talent Management
  • Run workshops with the relevant stakeholders to discuss the concept of the Talent Management
  • Finalise the Talent Management Framework and process, as well as related policies and get buy in

1.2 Phase 2: Laying the foundation
This phase entails, amongst others, the following steps

  • Review the structure of the HR Department and determine whether it is optimal for facilitating Talent Management
  • Audit the availability and integrity of HR Data
  • Determine what competencies are needed to achieve business strategy.
  • Conduct a skills audit of all stuff
  • Design the Employment Value Proposition (EVP) of the organisation
  • Do workforce planning : determine talent supply, talent demand and talent gaps
  • Formalise Talent Management Strategy

1.3 Phase 3: Implement Talent Management Strategy and Process

This phase entails the following main steps:

  • Run workshops to train all HR staff on the Talent Management Framework, process and strategy
  • Run workshops to train all managers on their role in the Talent Management process
  • Establish Talent Review Committees or Boards
  • Managers to prepare for Talent Reviews
  • HR prepare for Talent Reviews
  • HR facilitate Talent Reviews
  • HR records all decisions and use for monitoring purposes
  • Managers give feedback on outcomes of talent review process to employees

1.4 Phase 4: Monitoring and Evaluation

This phase entails the following base steps:

  • Engagement and other surveys
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management metrics
  • Talent Reviews
  • Amend and update TM strategy based on needs and evaluation and monitoring findings

2. Employment assessment

The Talent Hub International has the capacity to design and administer assessment centre methodology (In-boxes, analysis exercises, group exercises and roles –plays), as well as administer psychological tests. We have a partnership with Top Talent Solutions (http://tts-talent.com/) which provides us with access to a range of assessments that can be built into assessment batteries that suit our client’s needs.

3. Job- and organisation design

The Talent Hub International has extensive experience in organisation design and job design. Our services in this area include the following:

  • Organisation review and structuring
  • Job analysis
  • Designing Job Profiles/Descriptions
  • Design of competency frameworks
  • Design of service delivery models

4. On-boarding

The Talent Hub International helps organisations to builds on-boarding processes and tools that ensure that the organisation’s Employment Value Proposition is realised and that new employees are productive as soon as possible and stay engaged from day one. We use the following tools in this process:

  • Gamification of content delivery
  • Toolkits for line managers and employees
  • On-boarding plans delivered and monitored electronically

5. Learning and Development

The Talent Hub International  assists clients in building a learning architecture and strategy that helps employees to be proficient in their current and future roles. To achieve this, we use for example, the following tools:

  • Learning Paths
  • Competency and Proficiency Audits
  • 360 degree evaluation
  • Mentoring
  • Micro-learning
  • A Learning Experience Management System that we access through the reseller Learning Paths International
  • Gamification

6. Performance Management

The Talent Hub International supports clients with the design and implementation of performance management systems. We also have access through our partnership with The Talent Hub, access to the Appraisal Smart System (www.appraisal-smart.com). This flexible software-as-a-service system is ideal for smaller and medium businesses. In addition to the design of performance management frameworks for organisations, we also:
Train management and staff on the performance management system and principles
Design performance management information booklets, manuals, policies and procedures
Support HR with the admin involved in performance management (if it is a traditional system)

7. Succession Management

The Talent Hub International has extensive experience in helping organisations to design and implement various formats of succession management, namely risk replacement planning and the succession pool approach. Our succession services include:

  • The design of the succession framework
  • Helping to select successors
  • Design the development experiences and learning paths for the different levels and roles
  • Designing information booklets, manuals and presentation for the change management part of the process
  • Monitoring the development of the successors
  • Helping the client with reporting and problem-solving regarding the succession programme

8. Career Management

The Talent Hub International provides career management services to clients such as:

  • Career mapping/pathing/experience mapping
  • Career assessments
  • Dual career paths
  • Level progression assessments