Using gamification principles in collaborating with staff to refine the EVP (Employment Value Proposition)

This Case Study provides a brief overview of where The Talent Hub International assisted a client in the development of its EVP.

As part of the internal EVP communication process the organisation needed to get input from all employees.

The organisation identified its EVP Drivers in 2015 a to support talent acquisition and employee engagement. The initial drivers were defined based on interviews and a workshop with selected stakeholders. As part of the communication and development process inputs from all employees were needed.

As part of the communication process, workshops were planned to get employees’ input on the EVP drivers, the EVP tagline and to collect stories from employees that could be used to support the EVP message. Gamification principles were used to design the workshops.

Main findings
More than 90% of the current employees participated in the workshops and through the card game that was played during each workshop, the organisation got information on what staff viewed as the most important EVP Drivers for current and prospective employees, how well the organisation is delivering the EVP drivers and stories that could be used in videos and on their website to support the most important EVP Drivers. It was also possible to use all the inputs to write the EVP statement. Employees collaborated freely during the workshops and gained an understanding of the concept of the EVP.

Practical impact
The structuring of the workshops using gamification principles ensured a high level of collaboration. Employees participated freely and felt safe to express their views. This method created a structure to facilitated collaboration that could be duplicated by several facilitators in the organisation, delivering the desired results every time.

The use of gamification principles proved to be effective in ensuring collaboration on the refinement of the EVP drivers and supports the notion that gamification enhances engagement.

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