A, B & C Players in the time of COVID-19

By Susan London


I was wondering with the world economies slowly opening up again and the impact of COVID-19 cutting into their revenues, how many businesses are reconsidering their available talent?  I have a suspicion that many businesses are too busy in survival mode to think about their current talent. 

Let us take a step back and see who has been keeping the company afloat since lockdown measures have started. Was it your star performers (otherwise known as A-players or High-Potentials) or the B-players (your solid citizens)? What happened to the C-Players (those guys that you had performance concerns about even before the pandemic hit us)?

It will be interesting to know whether your A-Players continued to be exceptional performers and whether they have continued to successfully create a “buzz” of savviness around themselves and to achieve results in a vocal and ethical way (they certainly knew how to pull this off before Covid-19 started).  The question is whether they were as resilient as you thought and weathered these unprecedented challenges as well as predicted.

How are your B-Players doing? They usually do a sterling job and never rocks the boat, until they hand in their resignation unexpectedly – because you thought they do not need special attention! Maybe in these times of turbulence they started “dressing up” for those positions they have secretly wanted. I do however think that these guys did not let you down and still kept the wheels turning in difficult circumstances.  Their contribution needs to be acknowledged by their managers and even HR (who should spot and reward talent), as well as, gaining the rightful acknowledgement from their colleagues and peers. 

Some of them might even surpass A-players with their knowledge and work competence in achieving business results, but they never thought that they could. My message to the B- Player is that should they want to progress,  start to create that positive “buzz” around themselves. Help them to raise their hands and come to the rescue of business in these times to maintain the competitive edge as well as to develop those who are silently screaming for opportunities and new learning just like your A-players.  Losing the B-players could be catastrophic to business as they might take your intellectual property and enhance on that, and join the competitor given the opportunity. Loyalty is both ways…

In closing off, whether it is your A Players or B-Players, they will have to achieve success in a totally different work environment. To stay relevant they need to up their skills, learn new skills and unlearning others and more importantly we all will have to compete with changes in technology –  A friend send me a video…”the robots are coming” (what are you doing to compete against them?). 

Look out for our webinars on Learning Paths and Organisation Savviness on the 27th July. Your workforce is asking you to help them achieve their objectives and in turn they will give you the returns you expect and beyond.  

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Susan London
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